ORK: The Roleplaying Game (ENG)

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Squishy Men no Read - This am For Orks! You am tough ork. You am crawl out of... mehr
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Squishy Men no Read - This am For Orks!

You am tough ork. You am crawl out of Gunk Pit with other orks, stomp guts of weaklings, steal gold, get good ork name. Someday, you am show ork god, Krom, who am boss. 
Set aside heroic acts and thinking too hard - that's not how orjs get things done. What you need is a blood-soaged combat system and other (lesser= rules to guide you toward orkish fame and fortune. Toss in a heap of deadly adventures for you to mindlessly hurl yourself into, and you have everything you need to get started with the carnage.

Ork: The Roleplaying Game plops you into an unruly world crammed full of mayhem and violence, most of which will be your fault. This new edition is the standalone,streamlined roleplaying game of orkish mayhem: a “beer and pretzels” game where monstrous, hilarious adventure matters more than rules and tables. 
Claw your way out of the Gunk Pit, earn your name with acts of spectacular violence, and bring terror to the Squishy Man villages in the name of Almighty Krom. Includes a blood-soaked combat system, other, lesser rules, and a complete series of adventures to take your orks from nameless youth to sharp-toothed, unholy terrors--if you can avoid the wrath of Krom. Being a monster has never been such fun!
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