D&D5E: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (ENG)

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What wonderful witchery is this?   The wizard Tasha , whose great works inculde... mehr
Produktinformationen "D&D5E: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (ENG)"

What wonderful witchery is this?

The wizard Tasha, whose great works inculde the spell Taha's hideous laughter, has gathered bits and bobs of precious lore during her illustrious career as an adventurer. Her enemies wouldn't want these treasured secrets shattered across the multiverse, so in defiance, she has collected and codified these tidbits for the enrichment of all.
Baked into this book are rules options for all the character classes in the Player's Handbook, including news subclasses. Thrown in for good measure is the artificer class, a master of magical invention. And this witch's brew wouldn't be complete without new artifacts, spellbook options, spells for both player characters and monsters, magical tattoos, group patrons and other tasty goodies. 
Tasha has never been shy about her sharing her keen insights, and this book is sprinkled with the archmage's musings on everything from her wizardly rivals to the nature of the multiverse. Herein, she offers a taste of great power that awaits adventurers everywhere!
For use with the fifht edition Player's Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide. 
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