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Conquest: W'adrhun - Slingers
The humble sling they wield is a weapon of surprising efficiency when wielded by a proficient human. In the hands of an experience W’adrhŭn, these primitive weapons become a terror. Backed by the savagery of their wielders, few...
35,10 € * 39,00 € *
Vanguard Clones Infiltrators
Conquest: The Spires - Vanguard Clones...
Unlike the Brute and Force Grown Drones the Vanguard Clones are not grown in the spawning pits deep within the Underspire. Woven from 100% pure exile tissue, their strands are improved upon and woven to produce superior specimens. Those...
35,10 € * 39,00 € *
Artisan Hold Raegh
Conquest: Dweghom - Hold Raegh/Exemplar...
This Artisan Series release is dedicated to high quality, alternate miniature for the Dweghom Raegh; the King and epitome of Aghm and might in any Hold. Or you can build it with the extra parts provided to be an Exemplar to upgrade its...
36,00 € * 40,00 € *
Conquest: Nords - Trolls (ENG)
While they don’t like admitting it, all Nords know that they share a bond of blood with the Trolls who sacrificed more than any other to secure victory over the Jötnar in battles that have been swallowed by myth and legend. Today trolls...
35,10 € * 39,00 € *
Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms - Armsmaster (ENG)
Box Contents ● 1 Resin Command Upgrade Miniature ● 1 Infantry Plastic Base
21,60 € * 24,00 € *
Conquest: Nords - Skald (ENG)
One of few cultural institutions in the Nord lands, the Skalds are the keepers of Nord history and culture. Trusted and welcome in all halls, attacking a skald is a crime persecuted by Angbjorn, the High King, himself. Such is the regard...
21,60 € * 24,00 € *
W'adrhûn First Blood Starter
Conquest First Blood Starter: W'adrhûn (ENG)
This box contains the components needed to give you a first taste into the world of Conquest through the keen gaze of a W'adrhûn Predator. His hunting party is composed of a few Braves to flush the target and keep it engaged while he and...
44,10 € * 49,00 € *
Raptor Riders
Conquest: W'adrhûn - Raptor Riders (ENG)
As a byproduct of the diverse genetic material from which the W’adrhŭn were developed, a portion of their population has developed an almost supernatural empathy with beasts. A curious twist to this legacy seems to be that the females...
40,50 € * 45,00 € *
Conquest: W'adrhûn - Braves (ENG)
Braves are the young W’adrhŭn warriors who have completed the merciless training regime all W’adrhŭn must serve and have earned the right to support their Tribe is battle as a warrior rather than a gatherer. They have yet to prove...
35,10 € * 39,00 € *
Conquest: W'adrhûn - Hunters (ENG)
W’adrhŭn of the Hunter Caste are often re-tasked from their efforts at securing food for the tribe due to the invaluable support they can provide their fellow warriors. While Slingers are the prime example, spear throwers are skilled in...
35,10 € * 39,00 € *
Conquest: W'adrhûn - Blooded (ENG)
The Blooded are those W’adrhŭn Braves who have proven themselves in battle. Having earned their standing, these warriors have secured better weaponry and a prominent role in the battlefield. In time, their success might allow them to be...
35,10 € * 39,00 € *
Scion of Conquest
Conquest: W'adrhûn - Scion of Conquest Preview...
Only a War-Priest dedicated to Conquest is trusted enough by the Tribal Council to lead troops on the field of battle. Dedicated to the most farsighted and adaptable of Gods, they are the most capable of bringing the true power of the...
21,60 € * 24,00 € *
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