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Conquest: Dweghom - Wardens (ENG)
Amongst the most dangerous and fanatical of the Ardent are the Wardens, those Dweghom who have taken it upon themselves to protect their Holds from those dangers that might arise from the primordial Depths. Giving their lives over to an...
36,00 € * 40,00 € *
Mnemancer Apprentice
Conquest: Dweghom - Mnemancer Apprentice
Such is the prestige and Aghm of the position of Hold Raegh, that even the eldest of Mnemancers begrudgingly concede that his deeds must be recorded. Sending even the most junior of their members to witness and record the Raegh’s actions...
21,60 € * 24,00 € *
Herald of Stone
Conquest: Dweghom - Herald of Stone
There are a few gifted Dweghom who reach a state of balance with their Element without formal Sorcerous training. Exalted amongst the Ardent, the Heralds of Stone are paragons whose mere presence in a Dweghom formation is enough to...
21,60 € * 24,00 € *
Conquest: Dweghom - Flamecaster
Box Contents ● 1 Resin Command Upgrade Miniature ● 1 Infantry Plastic Base
21,60 € * 24,00 € *
Dweghom First Blood Starter
Conquest First Blood Starter: Dweghom (ENG)
This box contains the components needed to give you a first taste into the world of Conquest through the eyes of an Ardent Kerawegh of the warlike Dweghom. Flanked by the fanatical Flame Berserker and protected by a few loyal Hold...
44,10 € * 49,00 € *
Conquest: Dweghom - Hold Thanes
In a society as militarized as that of the Dweghom, a need arises to distinguish those who are proficient in the art of war, thus capable of calling themselves warriors, from those who are truly gifted. The Thanes are the latter. This...
35,10 € * 39,00 € *
Conquest: Dweghom - Dragonslayers
Clad in armor forged in a bygone age when dragon fire was the greatest threat to a warrior, every vulnerable part of a Dragonslayer is covered in alloys not seen since the breaking of the world. This Box contains: 12 Dragonslayer...
35,10 € * 39,00 € *
Conquest: Dweghom - Flame Berserkers (ENG)
 This Box contains: 12 Flame Berserker Miniatures (with the option of making 2 command models) 3 Infantry Stands 12 Bases 1 Command card Miniaturen sind unbemalt und müssen zusammengebaut werden.
33,30 € * 37,00 € *
Conquest: Dweghom - Tempered Sorcerer (ENG)
 This box contains: 1 Tempered Sorcerer resin miniatures 1 Command Card Miniaturen sind unbemalt und müssen zusammengebaut werden.
18,00 € * 20,00 € *
Conquest: Dweghom - Ardent Kerawegh (ENG)
 Box Contents ? 1 Resin Miniature ? 1 Base ? 1 Command Card
18,00 € * 20,00 € *
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