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The Army Painter: Gamemaster Terrain Brush Kit
The ultimate brush selection for terrain painting!The Gamemaster: Terrain Brush Kit contains 4 brushes designed especially for painting your XPS foam, styro foam and MDF board terrain pieces. Effect Brush Perfect for painting effects...
21,00 € *
The Army Painter: Mixing Balls
Agitatorkugeln (5,5mm). Enthält 100 Stück
7,50 € *
The Army Painter: Most Wanted Brush Set
Drei Pinsel für fortgeschrittene Maler: Der Wargame Insane Detail ist ein superfeiner Rotmarder-Pinsel für extrem feine Details und präzise Arbeiten. Der Wargamer Regiment Pinsel ist ideal für Speedpaints. Der Wargamer Small Drybrush ist...
18,95 € *
The Army Painter - Wet Palette
The best wet palette there is - superior quality and custom design to keep your paints preserved! This wet palette comes with 2 sheets of hydro foam and 50 hydro sheets. Special inner layer design can hold up to 6 Wargamer brushes and 10...
20,00 € *
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